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Talented performers take note

Gino Lee graduated from the New York film academy after attending the Arts convention in Florida. Picture: Hannes Danzfuss

Gino Lee graduated from the New York film academy after attending the Arts convention in Florida. Picture: Hannes Danzfuss

South Africa has many talented young entertainers, but many of them do not get the opportunity to showcase their capabalities.

Many talent-spotting platforms offer little support after the big event. Elsubie Verlinden, founder of Just You Models & Artist Management, is on a crusade to open the doors for young South Africans achieve more and learn and experience more.

She has teamed up with international talent scout Kim Meyers, director of the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (Arts), to host the South African leg of the International Arts Talent Showcase.

For more than 17 years, Arts has provided a platform for youngsters reaching for a dream. It is recognised by industry leaders as one of the best and safest places in the world to pursue a career in the entertainment industry – without breaking the bank.

Verlinden, in her capacity as regional director for Arts in Africa, has provided many young South Africans exposure to top educational outlets in the US. Each year, she travels from city to city to scout the best talent the country has to offer to attend The International Arts Talent Showcase, where South African models , actors, singers and dancers audition for Meyers.

The performers who show great potential attend a convention in Florida, which is attended by managers, producers and casting agents from Asia, Europe and the US.

South Africans have had great success and 42 have received scholarships from The New York Academy. They have gone on to auditions with Disney and Nickelodeon in Los Angeles , as well as being booked for New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week.

Verlinden tells young hopefuls: “We hope your dreams will be made possible. We aim to provide the best of opportunities to reach them. International is not impossible.”

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