Meet Joburg’s vintage guitar dealer

Meet Joburg’s vintage guitar dealer

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Milne moved to South Africa in the 1970s and was attracted to the live music scene in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Here he poses in his new store in Linden with his 1932 National resonator guitar. Picture: Michel Bega

Johannesburg-based vintage guitar dealer Ronnie Milne discusses a career spanning almost 50 years in the music industry, and trading instruments to the likes of Richie Sambora and Gary Moore.

Between the ’50s and ’70s, South Africa saw a boon in the arrival of artisans from Europe. Along with plying their skills as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and builders, the new arrivals needed to be entertained. At a time when live music was at its height, Hillbrow was the place to be. “Hillbrow was the centre of the universe at that time,” remembers vintage instrument dealer Ronnie Milne. “In the ’70s you could count up to 200 venues across Joburg alone providing live entertainment. “Oompah bands were playing at the German club. You’d find Italians at the Italian club, Greeks at...




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