Chris Chameleon admits to making up ‘Bles Bridges is my dad’ rumour

Chris Chameleon.

Chris Chameleon.

While the singer called it a social experiment, others have suggested it was a publicity stunt.

In a cryptic Facebook post, local pop star Chris Chameleon appeared to suggest that Bles Bridges was his father.

He mentioned a “dark secret” and lashed out at celebrities who don’t take responsibility for children they father.

The family of the late lounge singer were not amused.

His daughter, fellow singer Sunette Bridges, wrote a long post, which has since been deleted. In the post, she hits out at Chameleon for starting the rumours.

“If Bles Bridges is your dad, congratulations. He is dead. His grave is in Vanderbijlpark. I suggest you take roses. Red ones…and go find your peace there…if there is something like that to be found on this earth,” she said.

The iconic Afrikaans star’s widow, Leonie, sent Netwerk24 a text saying: “Even if it were true…then what? How will we ever know?”

She also questioned why Chameleon would have made the post.

It turns out her questions were valid, as the Afrikaans musician has since admitted the whole thing was an “elaborate social experiment”.

The experiment does not seem to be a success, with many slamming it on social media. Some called it a “publicity stunt” while others accused the singer of “lying” to his fans.

Chameleon himself, however, seemed unconcerned, only saying that he felt the Channel24 article about his admission that the whole thing wasn’t true had a headline with “exquisite” wording.

hoewel dit nie iets is wat meeste mense van hulle helde of ikone wil glo nie, is die waarheid van die saak dat daar…

Posted by Chris Chameleon on Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sunette Bridges is currently based in the United States. She was part of the Red October movement in 2013 which saw Afrikaaners led by people including herself and Steve Hofmeyr protest what they see as discrimination against white people by the black majority and deliver a memorandum at the union building about “black-on-white” violence.

Bridges also chained herself to a statue of Paul Kruger at the time to protest the vandalism and removal of statues initially erected by the apartheid regime.

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