AKA closed off birthday in style with Bonang?

The Super Mega shared a picture on Instagram of him looking at a picture of Bonang.

Bonang ‘Queen B’ Matheba was trending on Twitter Friday morning. As usual, when the radio personality trends we know it has something to do with rumoured bae AKA. Well, we say ‘rumoured’ because none of them have actually verbally confirmed their relationship, they both drop hints here and there just to perhaps tease us until the day they will finally break the silence.

AKA recently shared a picture of his ‘Queen’ while on holiday in Mozambique, all we could see was the woman’s behind, which set Twitter alight, trying to figure out who the ‘Queen’ was. This until reports surfaced confirming it was indeed Bonang on baecation with AKA.

On Thursday, AKA was celebrating his 28th birthday. Bonang dropped hints again on Twitter, sharing emoticons of a cake, party and the number 28, coincidence that it just happened to be AKA’s 28th birthday?

Then, AKA went on to share a picture on Instagram of him looking at a picture of Bonang at Cape Town Airport. This after Bonang wished AKA a happy birthday on air when a caller asked her to play his hit song Baddest. She jumped on the opportunity and said: “By the way, it’s AKA’s birthday, Happy Birthday!” and continued with her job as if she didn’t just start fire on Twitter.

Look at what we found on Twitter:


AKA trying to tell us something here? Did he close out his birthday in style with Bonang? You be the judge.

AKA on instagram

AKA on instagram


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