Twitter lashes out at Loyiso Gola’s ‘expensive sneakers’ opinion

Loyiso Gola. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Loyiso Gola. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Stand-up comedian Loyiso Gola trended on Twitter on Monday all in the name of voicing his opinion.

Wits had earlier proposed a 10.5% hike on fees which it had suspended due to the protest that let to the suspension of all academic activities last week. Student leaders say they want zero hike on fees as affordability had always been a problem since the ‘exorbitant ‘ registration fee. Former SRC president Mcebo Dlamini said Wits and other universities must give poor students an opportunity to learn and grow South Africa.

“South Africa will always be behind economically because students are sitting at home with skills and brains with no money because these institutions are shutting doors on poor students.” Said Dlamini.

Meanwhile, students at Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town, both in the Western Cape, began protesting Monday against proposed fees hikes for next year. Students at Rhodes University were also protesting over the same matter.

With the on-going student protest at wits, Gola voiced his opinion as to why as a supposedly broke student you would wear expensive sneakers as this defeats the purpose of being at a protest.

The video below is what he posted on his Twitter:

Below is what Gola tweeted to the backlash he got for sharing his opinion:

Twitter didn’t take too kindly to his opinion and made their opinions known.




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