Vuzu presenter Lalla Hirayama attacked on Twitter

Vuzu presenter Lalla Hirayama attacked on Twitter

Lalla Hirayama poses for a picture at the Feather Awards Nominations. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

While the nation reeled in pain from the Rugby World Cup defeat by Japan against the Springboks, Vuzu presenter, Lalla Hirayama who was born in Japan to a Japanese mother was attacked with derogatory slander on Twitter yesterday.

The presenter and dancer tweeted that she felt torn between supporting Japan and the Springboks due to her dual heritage.

“So proud of both my countries but Japan played their hearts out!You cant say otherwise!That was the most insane game! NIPPON BANZAI #RWC2015”, tweeted the Vuzu presenter, to which various users of the social media platform reacted with a slew of insults and derogatory remarks.

This tweet sparked a furore by fans of the game and in turn caused Hirayama to be viciously attacked. Some users of the platform said she ‘should go back home’.

An obviously aggravated Hirayama retaliated to some of the tweets while other local celebs such as Roxy Burger, Anele Mdoda and Zuraida Jardine reached out to Hirayama on the platform showing their support for the presenter.







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