Media tycoon turns tables on woman accuser

FILE PICTURE: Power FM's CEO Given Mkhari. Picture: Michel Bega

Media mogul Given Mkhari has filed a case of extortion against a woman who is claiming that he sexually assaulted her.

In August this year, Ntombizakhe Yende, also known as Zakhe, opened a case of sexual assault against Mkhari for an incident she says took place in November 2012.

The businessman has, however, retaliated by opening a case of extortion against Yende, who he says is “deranged” and resorted to harassment and threats when he refused to give her a job.

Mkhari first met Yende at a Sandton cellphone shop in October 2011, during a trip to upgrade his cellphone contract. She recognised the 39-year-old tycoon and introduced herself before apparently enquiring about job openings at his communications company.

Records prove that she then sent him a job application via email a few days later, and Mkhari explains that the insistent calls and emails which followed raised a red flag.

Speaking to Sunday World, he explained: “This is a person who initially applied for a job, then demanded a job, then asked for money, then demanded R20-million.

“When I did not relent, she started fabricating stories, trespassed my offices several times, threatened my colleagues, my family and my lawyers.” Yende, in turn, claims Mkhari is the one doing the blackmailing.

She said: “He is lying when he says I demanded money from him, his lawyer is the one who has been offering me money to keep quiet.

“He has been manipulating me ever since we met last year for his selfish interests. He realised that I was interested in media and communications and promised me a job at Power FM. I opened a case and I hope that the law takes its course.”

She, however, refused to elaborate on the alleged sexual assault incident, only saying the “the matter was before the police”.

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