Pearl Modiadie won’t be sharing her child’s name anytime soon

Pearl Modiadie is a new mom. Picture: Instagram

The newest celeb mom on the block Pearl Modiade will be keeping her child’s name a secret

Responding to a Twitter question of what her child’s name is, Pearl responded that “I’m not ready to share my baby’s name yet. Let’s come up with an online name in the meantime”.

The tweet has since been removed.

Pearl has been openly sharing her motherhood journey with her Twitter fans, talking about the struggles of breastfeeding, sleep, and the beauty of support.

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According to Pearl, she does not know how she would have survived without the help of her partner and sisters.

The tweet received good feedback as a lot of parents resonated with the importance of a support system after giving birth.

Pearl has been intentional about what she shares with her followers. She did not share too many details about her pregnancy, and people still don’t know who her child’s father is.

Added to that list is the baby’s name.

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