For YFM DJ Petula El-Kindly, kindness is the most important lesson she teaches her daughter


Between holding down ‘The Morning Essentials’ on YFM and mothering, Petula slotted us in to answer some mom questions.

The newest addition to South Africa’s biggest youth radio station YFM Petula El-Kindly took some time out to share how motherhood has been with her six-year-old daughter. The bubbly radio personality, from 1 July, is on the airwaves.

You can find her Mondays to Fridays, 3am to 5am, and Saturdays, 6am to 10am.

Being a mom is… a blessing I never knew I needed.

The last time I gagged because of my kid was when she… she’s a bit of a girly girl, so she tends to not do any “gag-worthy” things. The biggest thing I remember is her eating her snot to see my reaction.

The last time I cried was when my child… had really bad allergies and eczema, and we were constantly in different doctors offices. So glad that period is behind us.

My advice to other moms would be… don’t be so hard on yourself, things always fall into place

My favourite part about being a mom is… being called “Mummy” in the cutest little voice…..LOL

The biggest challenge is… trying to set a good example.

My biggest mom guilt is when... I go out with friends for a good time, I always feel like I’m deserting her, but I always get over it once I get to the venue.

My success as a parent is measured by… the amount of happiness and love my daughter exudes.

The most important affirmation I say to my child is… being kind is the best thing to be in the world.

The most important behaviour/attitude I mirror for my child… to find beauty in oneself without the additional accessories like makeup, hair, nails, etc. to show her that real beauty is from within.

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