Khanyi Mbau, Somizi undergo non-invasive cosmetic procedures

Khanyi Mbau | Image: Instagram

The television host welcomed Somizi to the ‘club of pricks’ after he underwent his first procedure last week.

Khanyi Mbau has undergone yet another cosmetic procedure.

The actress recently visited LightSculpt Aesthetic Clinic, located in Rosebank, for a non-surgical facial treatment.

She shared an image of her being injected above the eyebrow and humorously captioned the picture: “The only prick you should have in your life!

“Swollen face with the excitement of being back at the clinic.”

Khanyi also praised the clinic for having helpful staff and making her feel safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was very impressed with their Covid-19 compliance, it’s literally like immigration. I felt so safe and the staff so patient and informative,” she said.

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo commented on Khanyi’s post, revealing that he underwent his first procedure last week.

“I did my first prick last week and I must say I’m loving the results and I’m joining you mama,” he said.

She responded with: “Finally! Welcome to the club of pricks.”

Many fans seemed shocked at her calm demeanour while being injected and asked the TV host if the procedure hurt.

While fans showed their support for Khanyi and called her beautiful and, a few people criticised her for undergoing controversial procedures, especially skin-lightening.

These were some of the comments on social media:

“I just love how you [are] just doing you and not conforming to any social pressures and approvals … You are just living your life so boldly… I admire.”

“Khanyi Mbau is forever beautiful now with skin bleaching and even before she was always beautiful. However, my argument is that I will never hate myself for being black nor being African.”

“Some of the haters are only hating just because they cannot afford the beauty treatment. She’s beautiful I’ve always admired her.”

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