Ayanda Thabethe and Ntsiki Mazwai come to Zenande Mfenyane’s defence

Zenande Mfenyana. Photo: Instagram @ZenandeMfenyana

The outspoken poet expressed her disbelief at people ‘trolling a pregnant woman’.

Several celebs have come to Zenande Mfenyane’s defence after the actress was dragged on social media for being rude to a follower.

It all started when social media users mocked Zenande’s appearance during pregnancy after she shared a picture on Instagram.

One of her fans messaged her privately saying she can relate and that she just laughed it off when people mocked her. She went on to praise the actress for doing a beautiful job and assured her that once the baby arrives, she would be back to normal.

However, Zenande wasn’t happy with the mother’s words of encouragement, saying: “Your message is not welcome at all. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time.”

This resulted in the hashtag #ZenandeMustFall, which has dominated the trend list this week.

Opinions have been divided, as some believe the woman should have minded her own business while others insist the actress was unnecessarily rude.

Ayanda Thabete and Ntsiki Mazwai have both come to Zenande’s defence after the incident.

The TV presenter encouraged people to have mercy on Zenande, before calling the hashtag “totally wrong”.

“Guys Zenande is pregnant, growing a human inside of her – please have a little mercy. The fact that this hashtag has been trending the whole day is totally wrong.”

The outspoken poet also expressed her disbelief at people “trolling a pregnant woman”.

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