Sell watermelon juice to feed your family instead of alcohol – says Sizwe Dhlomo to AKA

Sizwe Dhlomo. Picture: Supplied

Some Twitter users have come out in support of the rapper, saying it could be a viable business idea.

Despite seeming to move on from their last argument, AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo are back at it again.

The media personality initially told Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula to ban the sale of alcohol as it was not helping to flatten the Covid-19 curve following the news that South Africa had surpassed 100,000 cases.

“We’ve lost the fight against Covid unfortunately,” Sizwe tweeted, to which the minister replied: “How have we lost the fight?”

Sizwe responded by saying: “The numbers are out of control, minister, and people are doing as they please. Our healthcare system will still get overwhelmed at this rate, which is what we were trying to avoid. Just look at that graph.”

Mbalula explained: “It was to [be] expected, let’s debate whether it is out of control? Yes, I agree we need to intensify education people are reckless out there the more we open the economy.”

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Sizwe then went on to say that the sale of alcohol should be banned.

“Take away the booze guys. Please. It’s not helping.”

This did not sit well with AKA, who is an ambassador for Cruz Vodka.

The rapper explained that his partnership with the alcohol brand was a source of income, as he can’t make money from doing music shows anymore due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“Chief … it’s bad as is without being able to do any shows. I also have a family to feed, ya undastand,” retorted the rapper.

Sizwe clapped back at AKA, saying he should “sell watermelon juice” to feed his family instead.

Some Twitter users thought that Sizwe’s sarcastic advice could actually be a viable business idea for AKA.

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These were some of the reactions on social media:

“I see Siz is poking a bear, only using an earbud this time … not to make it angry, just reminding it [that] it ain’t untouchable!”

“This is actually sound advice. Diversifying your beverage portfolio to include juice would be amazing.”

“Everything about AKA says he can sell juice and make proper money from it. He doesn’t even need to run it but finance and endorse it. He has fans who are under 18, he has fans who don’t drink alcohol.”

“Did you water the watermelon in your farm groetman?”

“At the end, AKA will apologise again. The cycle continues.”

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