AKA claims Reebok never paid him for #SNEAKA

Rapper AKA has decided to launch his own content hub called AKA TV | Image: Supplied

Although the rapper took a major L on the deal, he says he has no regrets because he got to see a dream of his come to life.

After hailing his deal with Reebok as a monumental moment for “the game,” rapper AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, has claimed he never earned any proceeds from the sale of the sneakers that bare his name.

The rapper revealed this during a Twitter exchange with a fan who praised the shoes for their ties to a local artist and their apparent comfortability.

“Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? … not one cent,” responded AKA.

Puzzled fans quickly flooded the rappers’ mentions in pursuit of answers which prompted him to explain further.

When asked why he would even enter into such a deal, the rapper said it was a sacrifice he was willing to make at the time to realise a dream that he had always had.

AKA further stated that he was merely a brand ambassador for the brand for a short period of time and his contract in that regard has since expired.

Forbes consoles himself with the fact that he at least got to see a dream of his come to fruition.

He ended the discussion by telling fans who had already bought a pair of the limited edition shoe to cherish them.

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