Black radio BS sent me to psychiatric ward for 10 days, says Penny Lebyane

Penny Lebyane | Image: Instagram

Penny Lebyane | Image: Instagram

‘It’s my life, my journey, my walk, my work, my truth. I don’t need your approval of me,’ she says.

Legendary radio host Penny Lebyane has opened up about the state of radio and the entertainment industry, saying not everything was as it seemed. Though most people may think the unfair treatment started with Robert Marawa and DJ Fresh, Lebyane said the treatment had been going on for a while and it’s only getting out now.

“People have been sh*tting on us for a long time, making themselves feel better at our expense. And because we didn’t say anything, they think we don’t know what they were saying behind our backs. Lies, pride, and belittling people doesn’t elevate. In time your true colours will show. God is not a fool.

“It started way back, you guys only see it cause it’s them. It happened with me and others and both of them were quite. We must not have selective justice,” she said.

When the conditions in the entertainment industry affected her, Lebyane said she spent 10 days in a psychiatric ward. As a result, she would not stop talking about the challenges faced in the industry. She said that those who criticised her for voicing her opinion had no right either, because she had earned her right to share her views on matters affecting the industry she was in.

“It’s my life, my journey, my walk, my work, my truth. I don’t need your approval of me. I accepted myself when you believed the lies about me, when I was marginalised, I mastered to stand alone. When I was rejected, I loved me. I’ve buried too many people to keep quiet and personally, I spent 10 days in a psychiatric ward [because] of entertainment industry bs [bullsh*t], especially #BlackRadio to suck my thumb and bury my head. I am [a] broadcaster for social impact.”

The radio industry has been in the spotlight following the suspension and sacking of DJ Fresh from Metro FM over his use of vulgar language. In response to the sacking, DJ Fresh apologised for his language and thanked his fans.

“I have actually never been better! I feel like I have been freed of a burdensome monkey on my back… Already in March, I was ready to leave because of this madness,” he said in a statement.

Read the full statement below:

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