Sizwe Dhlomo roasts Vusi Thembekwayo over ‘fake’ watch

Sizwe Dhlomo roasts Vusi Thembekwayo over ‘fake’ watch

Sizwe Dhlomo. Image: Instagram

There seems to be no end in sight for the beef between the two businessmen.

Motivational speaker and businessman Vusi Thembekwayo was left “embarrassed” after posting a Patek Philippe watch that was said to be fake.

In a post that has since been deleted, Thembekwayo wrote: “She’s arrived. I’ve wanted this brand [for] five years. Ordered this baby last year. Finally. She’s home.”


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After blog Watch Maniac pointed out that the watch was not authentic, Thembekwayo asked the person behind the blog to assess the rest of his collection.

“Do you mind popping by my place and looking at my collection. I got this and the Hublot from the same dealer. [If] they ain’t legit, then I need to know what else. That would really help. Just followed you. So inbox me. Ta. Great to chat @watch_maniac look forward to connecting when I’m back in SA. This is embarrassing,” he said.

Though people did not make a big deal out of Thembekwayo and Watch Maniac’s interaction on Instagram, TV and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo brought the topic back to life on Twitter.

The two have been trending since.

Dhlomo further advised his followers on how to mix fake with authentic brands, in response to Thembekwayo’s incident.

“You’ve got to be very subtle with it. Partially cover it with the sleeve or something. Don’t draw attention to yourself.”

Though some of his followers accused him of being jealous of Thembekwayo because he was apparently richer, Dhlomo said: “Yeah, you’re right… I’m jealous. He can bring his sh!t for the last ten years even… I’ll just bring one month.”

In response, Thembekwayo responded with a statement explaining how he bought the fake watch.

“Over the past five years I have been following several watch brands and developed a wish list of brands I would love to own. I have several dealers from whom I either buy or trade watches. Among these is a dealer with whom I have had a consistent relationship for the past five years.

“When my post was made, I was made aware that the timepiece was not authentic, I was shattered. I immediately deleted [the] post. I have since consulted a well-renowned and respected dealer in the country. As you read this, they are assessing my collection.”

Read his full statement:

According to Dhlomo, the two businessmen’s friendship stopped after Thembekwayo allegedly plagiarised Dhlomo’s ideas on the taxi industry following a strike in 2017, an allegation Thembekwayo vehemently denied.

At the time, Thembekwayo told Dhlomo to deal with the matter like “men” and stop thinking he had a monopoly on ideas.

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