Khanyi Mbau: Your opinions meant nothing when I was still dating your fathers

The TV personality and author has hit back at those who have criticised her skin colour.

Khanyi Mbau has lashed out at her critics on social media after criticising her skin colour and being ignorant by likening her to an albino. Social media users took one of Mbau’s pictures and photoshopped a darker shade on her skin, and said she looked better that way.

Mbau has never shied away from talking about her skin-lightening journey, but social media users now say she has overdone it, and she has not responded kindly to the comments. Though some of her followers have criticised her for failing to be a good role model to young people, Mbau said she had not signed up to be anyone’s nanny. She was not here to help people “cope” with their blackness either.

“Remember that I am not a nanny, I am not here to raise your kids.. find a better role model for them… Secondly, I am not a therapist to help you cope in being black or African. Lastly, I am a celebrity, you have a choice to love me or hate me (although I prefer us being cool).”

People may have given her the fame she enjoys now, but that did not give them the right to dictate to her how she should live her life, said Mbau.

“Crazy how y’all want to control who I date, what car I have, what colour I am and what I call my gin.”

Mbau said if people’s opinions of her couldn’t break her back when she was still dating their “father”, they certainly wouldn’t be successful now.

“Now, type in Khanyi Mbau on google search… go far back as 2005 and see how your opinions mean nothing to me from when I dated your fathers, and taught you botox and that men must buy woman cars, etc. Y’all been talking. Things your idols are doing a decade later. It would not be Khanyi Mbau if you didn’t get upset,” she said.

Now she says she has seen a gap in the antidepressants market and could come up with them next.

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