Top Chap Media responds to allegations Mobi Dixon mistreated Nichume

Top Chap Media responds to allegations Mobi Dixon mistreated Nichume

DJ Mobi Dixon | Image: Instagram

The record label says it will comment further after the vocalist’s funeral.

Musician and businessman Mobi Dixon has finally broken his silence following social media claims that he mistreated late Bhutiza vocalist Nichume Siwundla. Nichume, who was signed to Mobi Dixon’s record label, Top Chap Media, was found dead at a friend’s home on Thursday last week following an apparent suicide.

Twitter parody account Man’s Not Barry Roux angered South Africans on social media on Wednesday after alleging that Mobi Dixon mistreated Nichume.

“Nichume Siwundla resigned from her job when Mobi Dixon convinced her that he would pay her a fixed monthly amount besides what she would make from gigs. Mobi Dixon paid Nichume Siwundla the actual agreed amount only the first month. In subsequent months, it progressively dropped until it dried out completely and Nichume had to ask Mobi even for basic things like sanitary towels,” tweeted the account.

Responding to the allegations, Top Chap Media said it was aware of the allegations, but  would not comment further on the matter following a request from Nichume’s family. It said giving Nichume dignified funeral should be a priority, and would further comment after the funeral.

“We are aware and deeply saddened by the allegations against Top Chap Media and our CEO, Mobi Dixon, by Nichume’s family. We will respect the wishes of the family and refrain from making any further statements or comments about Nichume,” it said.

Read the rest of the statement below:

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