Zodwa and Khanyi Mbau finally chat about the time they shared a man

Zodwa, it turns out, was sleeping with Khanyi’s husband for three years.

Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored has quickly proven to be a hit in South Africa with the show taking the time to spill some of the dancer’s biggest secrets: including the time she and Khanyi Mbau were played by the same man

On the most recent episode of her Moja Love reality show, Zodwa and Khanyi opened up about the time in their lives when they (unwittingly) shared a man.

Those who have followed South African entertainment for a long time will remember that Khanyi Mbau was once married a multimillionaire by the name of Mandla Mthembu. At the time, many believed that Khanyi and Mandla’s relationship was purely transactional because of their large age gap and the businessman’s wealthy pockets.

But at some point, Khanyi admitted that their relationship had no real substance beyond being able to exchange goods and, erm, favours for one another. What she did not know during the years they dated was that she was sharing her man with another woman: Zodwa Wabantu.

The popular dancer featured Khanyi on the most recent episode of Uncensored where the two ladies divulged the dirty details from this period in their lives.

As it turns out, Zodwa was well aware of the fact that Mandla and Khanyi were married and when the Queen of Bling (as she called herself back then) found out, Zodwa admitted that hers and Mandla’s relationship was also purely transactional!

Zodwa and Mandla’s affair lasted for close to three years and in the end, Khanyi divorced the multimillionaire but in this episode, she admits that she didn’t leave him because he was sleeping with Zodwa.

Both women admitted to enjoying the benefits that Mandla’s wealth provided and decided to live with it
However, after realising they had been played by a man who eventually lost his wealth anyways, Khanyi and Zodwa decided to put the past behind them and resolve their drama amicably – a move that was well received by viewers.

The story originally appeared on All4Women.

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