Kelly Khumalo says fingerprints should make it easy to find Senzo’s killers

A photo posted by singer Kelly Khumalo with murdered soccer star Senzo Meyiwa on her Instagram account on 26 October. The caption reads: "My sister photo bombing our picture". Picture: Kelly Khumalo/Instagram

The songstress says she doesn’t know what the public wants from her as she has done everything in her power to help with the investigation.

Award-winning songstress Kelly Khumalo opened up about the new man in her life, though she refused to identify him in an interview with eNCA on Friday. The Jehovah hitmaker was promoting her new single, Ngiyazthandela, which means “I’m in love”.

When she was asked if she was in love, she told eNCA: “I think I am [in love] and for me, the importance of it is taking it slow and finding out what works and what doesn’t because at the end of the day as much as you are in love, you want to get to know the person you’re in love with and also getting to know yourself because you can’t give what you don’t have and what you don’t understand. You probably know him.”

The songstress further revealed she was working on her new book in which she opens up about how she managed to deal with everything in her life, including the death of Senzo Meyiwa.

She said the wait for something to come out of the case was “tormenting” because she had done everything in her power to help with the investigation.

“I don’t know those people who broke into the house, otherwise I would have gone to their house and say this is the person who did it, but I’ve given all the information that’s necessary for police to find the perpetrators.”

Khumalo seemed to not understand why the investigation was taking so long when there were fingerprints of the perpetrators and all witnesses cooperated with the police.

“There were fingerprints in the house, there was a hat that was found in the house that had obviously DNA of whoever that was. All the witnesses have cooperated, I don’t know what the public wants from me. I’ve given my testimony to the people that deserve to know, which is the law, anything beyond that is out of my hands.

“I’m very angry and for me, I feel like the law is failing us. I know they’ve done everything in their power but I feel like if you have fingerprints it should be easy to find someone unless they’re not from the country.”

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