Boity slates DJ Cleo for Brickz prison visit

Boity slates DJ Cleo for Brickz prison visit

SIpho 'Brickz' Ndlovu during a soccer match played with DJ Cleo and others

The rapper labelled the producer and his followers ‘rape apologists’.

As DJ Cleo trends for visiting his longtime friend and collaborator Sipho ‘Brickz’ Ndlovu, battle lines have clearly been drawn on social media between those who support Brickz (and DJ Cleo by extension) and those who are against him for his actions.

One person who has firmly decided on which side of the fence she stands is media personality Boity Thulo who called DJ Cleo (Tlou Cleopas Monyepao) out for the visit.

On Sunday, DJ Cleo posted a series of photos of himself and a happy-looking Brickz during what looked like a game of football being played at the prison where Brickz is currently serving time for being found guilty of raping his then 16-year-old niece.

Along with the images, Cleo captioned the photos “we all run our own races, he fell along the way… but the race is not over.”

Thulo immediately questioned the move and it wasn’t long before Cleo’s defenders went after her.

Thulo was not having it and she immediately shut down all the dissent from Cleo’s supporters whom she labelled psychopaths.

She then asked Cleo and Brickz’ defenders to consider the victim.

Cleo eventually responded to the backlash and stood by his actions.

He went on to announce a partnership with correctional services “and few other stakeholders to contribute to the positive rehabilitation of similar inmates”.

He went on to say: “If that’s deemed as condoning and supporting criminals then so be it. I refuse to entertain any negative spin to my good deeds.”

He then addressed Boity directly by accusing her of trying to ridicule him.

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