Trevor Noah attacked on Twitter for not spending enough cash on his gogo

Picture: Screenshot.

Picture: Screenshot.

Others, however, don’t believe the famous comedian should be shamed for not renovating his grandmother’s house.

The Citizen reported on Tuesday that a heartwarming video of Trevor Noah and his 91-year-old grandmother was doing the rounds.

The video has since been met with a backlash, after some have called the comedian out for not spending more money on improving his elderly granny’s home.

WATCH: Trevor Noah’s gogo tells him why she can’t watch his show

Some of those who watched the video couldn’t help but notice his gogo’s vintage fridge. They then reasoned that the Daily Show host, who is estimated by one internet source as having a networth of $13 million and an annual salary of $4 million, should step in an “bless” her with better material possessions.

While some called for Noah to buy his grandmother a new fridge, others said he should go a step further and renovate her house.

Many on Twitter rushed to Noah’s defence, though. One user pointed out that in Noah’s book, Born a Crime, he describes his attempts to help his gogo financially which she refused.

Others said those calling on him are confusing materialism with love, with others saying the mentality of expecting him to help his gogo materially amounts to “black tax”, a colloquial term for the custom of sharing your salary with your family before considering yourself, which one user said “must fall”.

While Noah’s granny may have refused a major home makeover, in the video she did get him to agree to buy and install a generator as well as fix her DStv.

She told Noah that she had not watched Noah’s show because of load shedding, though he said she was just making an excuse.

“No, there is load shedding, it’s not letting my grandson down, even yesterday we had no electricity,” she responded.

Noah then offered to buy her a generator, but there was no one to install it so he had to pay for someone to do that too. But there was also another problem: the DStv was also not working, so he had to fix that too.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked into doing a lot of things to get you to watch my show,” said Noah.

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