WATCH: Trevor Noah’s gogo tells him why she can’t watch his show



The comedian’s 91-year-old grandmother shares some tips on how to coerce her grandson into doing things.

While comedian Trevor Noah was back in South Africa to host the Global Citizen festival, he paid a visit to his 91-year-old grandmother, and the results will give you all the feels.

The Daily Show host’s gogo talks about life under apartheid as well as her memories of her grandson. According to gogo, former president Nelson Mandela was like “a god on earth” during apartheid because he became an attorney in a time when blacks were not allowed to hold such positions.

She said: “We were not allowed [to be attorneys], so for Madiba it was a wonder.”

She remembers Noah being a naughty child who gave her “a tough time” and also describes how she was afraid to let him play outside their township home because he looked white. She said kids used to be scared of him because they thought he was white.

To which Noah responded: “I feel special to know there was a time when I was white.”

Though he was “energetic” and “naughty”, gogo admitted that he was also “good looking like hell”.

Gogo further told Noah that even though things were tough in South Africa, with high unemployment rates, she would still rather not experience apartheid laws as they were tough on black people.

They used to dig potatoes with their hands without pay, and when one of the workers died from exhaustion, others would dig a hole right where they were working, bury them and move on.

On why she did not watch The Daily Show, gogo taught us a few tricks on how to get your grandson to do things for you without really asking.

She said she had not watched Noah’s show because of load shedding, though he said she was just making an excuse.

“No, there is load shedding, it’s not letting my grandson down, even yesterday we had no electricity,” she responded.

Noah then offered to buy her a generator, but there was no one to install it so he had to pay for someone to do that too. But there was also another problem: the DStv was also not working, so he had to fix that too.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked into doing a lot of things to get you to watch my show,” said Noah.

Watch the beautiful interview below:

Visiting my Grans in South Africa

While I was in South Africa I popped into my Grans place to say hi and she was kind enough to let you come with…

Posted by Trevor Noah on Monday, 3 December 2018

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