You deserved to get robbed for spitting in the faces of the poor – Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai has been spewing Global Citizen vitriol since the concert was first announced | Image: Instagram

Ntsiki Mazwai has been spewing Global Citizen vitriol since the concert was first announced | Image: Instagram

The poet expressed her glee over the violent and criminal end to the Global Citizen concert.

It is no secret that there are very few things that Ntsiki Mazwai is happy about so it came as no surprise that her timeline was filled with Global Citizen vitriol in the weeks leading up to the concert and increasingly over the past 48 hours.

The free concert, hosted by The Motsepe Foundation in conjunction with a number of sponsors and other foundations finally took place yesterday.

It has been trending all morning for the violent and criminal chaos that the event descended into after the concert ended.

Concert-goers have taken to social media to share their stories of being mugged, threatened with weapons, escaping rape and being extorted in order to access things like safe transport.

While the country has rallied behind those who fell prey to criminal elements, Mazwai took to Twitter to rejoice over the crime.

Her reasons?

Mazwai claims to be motivated by the Robin Hood nature of it all as she believes the concert was anti-poor and assumes that it was the poor who perpetrated the crimes after the concert.

Mazwai has condemned those who took action as part of the Global Citizen initiative which saw thousands of people use the app to take action as instructed by Global Citizen in an effort to earn points towards the various ticket draws held over the last few months.

She went on to state that people deserved to be robbed for daring to enjoy the tickets they earned.

She went on to allege that the proverbial “they” advertised that the rich are going to a concert and that this set them up for what happened to them after the concert was over.

Her assertions were met with strong criticism as many believe crime is not justifiable.

As stated above, Mazwai has been against the idea of the Global Citizen concert from the onset but for someone who claimed to be so unbothered by the event, she participated just as much as those who were excited by it as she tweeted throughout the concert.

She had a lot to say about most of the performances and speeches so one would be forgiven for assuming that Mazwai watched the concert.

But she later tweeted that she was not watching as it was something she “doesn’t care about.”

The self-proclaimed feminist has also been very critical of Beyoncé, namely what Mazwai deems her constant state of undress and she also managed to throw sex workers under the bus.

This coming from an avid proponent of nudity, freedom and body positivity.

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