Bonang Matheba’s ‘go f**k yourself’ Twitter feud with critic heats up

Bonang Matheba. Picture: Supplied

Bonang Matheba. Picture: Supplied

Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela says he’s done putting up with Bonang’s ‘nonsense’.

WARNING: This article contains strong language

It seems Bonang Matheba just can’t stay out of the news this week.

Following reports that the celebrity and businessman woman is suing the Sunday World newspaper over a story it ran alleging she had tax woeswhich she dismissed as ‘pure trash’ – Bonang issued a pretty spicy response to entertainment blogger Phil Mphela, who decided to weigh in on the news.

Mphela tweeted that Bonang was unwise to “be waging war with journos” and that she should have just let the whole situation lie. He also said Bonang’s celebrity star was waning and she needed positive coverage to stay on top.

Bonang, it seems, wasn’t having any of this and fired back at Mphela with a sharp, expletive laden tweet.

That usually would be the end of it – it’s not the first time Bonang has demonstrated her clap-back skills on social media.

But Mphela wasn’t going to let it go. On Tuesday night he returned fire at Bonang, noting that she had blocked him on Twitter, and alleging the celebrity was lying to her followers that she was waiting for a response from him.

“You keep opening to post your tweets on my tags and lie to your dumb minions that you are waiting for my response,” Mphela tweeted. “I’m done putting up with your nonsense.”

Whether Bonang is going to respond to this is anyone’s guess, but Mphela may be in for a headache or two on social media in the coming week. We suggest making some popcorn.




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