Somizi refers to Bonang as ‘the mediocre one’

Somizi and Bonang. Image: Instagram

Somizi and Bonang. Image: Instagram

The choreographer has ‘spilled the tea’, as promised, on his former friend – but people are kind of over it.

Somizi Mhlongo did not hold back while talking about his former bestie, Bonang Matheba, during this week’s episode of MTV Base’s Behind The Story.

When the topic about his friendship with Bonang came up, the Idols SA judge basically called her mediocre.

“In this industry, or in soccer or in athletics, where they compare two people that are extremely differently talented … where the other one is way better and the other one is so mediocre … But the mediocre one ends up being on the same level as the greatest one because the greatest one was so insecure that they gave them too much airtime.

“So the less I give airtime to the Bonang story the better, because I’m at a level where she’s a persona non grata,” Somizi told host Pearl Thusi.

There was mixed reaction to Somizi’s comments about Queen B on social media. Many people felt Somizi should move on.

Somizi has said in past interviews he has no idea why Bonang stopped talking to him. He said he heard rumours that the 31-year-old believed he was the one who told DJ Zinhle about her affair with AKA – which Somizi denies.

Bonang, however, made it clear in her book, From A to B, why she cut ties with her former friend.

She said she could no longer trust SomGaga after he became friends with her abusive ex-boyfriend.

“In the end, it was one of the reasons I stopped being friends with one of my closest friends, Somizi Mhlongo, although not immediately.

“It took me a while to eventually leave that relationship, and years after I had, Somizi, who was my friend, suddenly became friends with my ex. The same one whose violence towards me he had witnessed. That’s when I knew he had to go. I couldn’t trust him any more so I cut him out of my life,” she wrote.

Somizi then accused Bonang of lying in her book and threatened to take legal action if she did not remove his name from the book.

Meanwhile, Pearl also came under fire after the Behind the Story interview.

The actress, who has had beef with Bonang in the past, was accused of enjoying watching Somizi drag her on the show.

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