WATCH: Malcolm X gives cash away to screaming students

Khanyi Mbau’s former manager is becoming famous for being a ‘blesser with a difference’.

Videos of Sandton socialite Malcolm X giving away cash to students recently have been doing the rounds on social media.

Late last year he was called a “blesser with a difference” when he posted a video of himself giving money to two homeless guys for Christmas, and another in a clothing store when he gave a grandmother and her granddaughter money for school shoes for the girl.

Take a look at some that footage below:

He’s now apparently going to universities to give students money.

Earlier this year he told Daily Sun: “I love to help the needy where I can. It really breaks my heart to see people without homes, food or essentials.”

Malcolm X, who now says he’s also known as “Business”, is originally from Sebokeng in the Vaal. He apparently once got into a fight with Home Affairs to have his name legally changed to Malcolm X, in tribute to the late US civil rights icon, but the system would not allow him to have a single letter as a surname. He apparently eventually won the fight and legally changed his name to Malcolm X.

Malcolm X. Picture: Instagram.

He told Daily Sun he visits old age homes, orphanages and homeless shelters to offer people help. He can regularly be seen hanging out with local and international celebrities and other public figures in his social media postings.

In the latest videos, Malcolm X can be seen on a campus handing out R200 notes, and in another he enters a Cape Town bus to hand everyone in the bus R100 at the minimum.

Take a look at the clips below:

Social media has reacted with both admiration from some, a bit of jealousy from others and scepticism from those who are questioning Malcolm X’s motives for filming himself giving out the money.

He was the marketing manager of the ZAR nightclub in Sandton in 2010 when Kenny Kunene famously ate sushi off a bikini-clad model’s body. Prior to that, Malcolm X was Khanyi Mbau’s manager.

He refers to himself as the “Mayor of Sandton” on Twitter, though his current business dealings are not entirely clear.

In 2o02, when he was a disgruntled ex-Wits University student, he threatened to jump off a succession of buildings. The third was the SABC headquarters in Auckland Park.

The then public protector, Selby Baqwa, was reportedly forced to “abandon his duties in Pretoria and attend to a demand by Malcolm X for his assistance”, according to a Star report at the time.

He was reportedly also demanding the presence of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela after allegedly failing at his exams. He threatened to jump in protest.

Since then, several photos have emerged of him being friendly with Madikizela-Mandela and he was a family guest at her burial site in Fourways during her funeral.

Clearly, Malcolm X has come a long way. Take a look at more reactions below:




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