Chicco Twala: My son knows who killed Senzo

Chicco Twala: My son knows who killed Senzo

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Chicco Twala has spoken out for a second time about Senzo Meyiwa’s murder in an effort to clear his name.

The music producer has once again defended himself against rumours that his gun was used during the alleged robbery that took place at Kelly Khumalo’s family home in October 2014.

Speaking to Power FM, Chicco says he is doubtful that a robbery took place on the day Senzo died.

He added that all those who were present in the house, including his son Longwe, should come forward to reveal what really happened.

“Someone has pulled a trigger. Someone killed Senzo on that night. These six people knew who did it. Why are they quiet? I am not buying the story about the robbery, personally. Someone knows who killed Senzo, including my son, they must be arrested if needs be,” he is quoted as saying.

Chicco’s comments follow his son’s eyebrow-raising interview on Metro FM a few days ago.

Longwe tried to defend himself after parody account @AdvBarryRoux accused his father of covering up Senzo’s murder to protect him.

He denied any wrongdoing and said he was fearful that the false rumours could put his life in danger.

“I’m not scared of being arrested for killing Senzo because I am innocent, but I am scared that I could get the wrong crowd of people who could attack me,” Longwe said during the interview.

He came under fire for seemingly contradictory himself during the interview on more than one occasion.

Chicco says he spoke to his son soon after the interview.

“I spoke to him this morning. My son said: ‘Dad. Let them arrest me. I want to serve a sentence because everyone has already found me guilty. Whether I have contradicted myself, I don’t care. I want to be arrested and I am prepared to serve a sentence so that everyone can be satisfied.’”

The producer dismissed claims that he is covering up for his son and reiterated comments he made in a precious interview with Metro FM that he would not protect his son if he knew he was guilty.

“I will never defend a murder. If my son is a murderer, he must face the might of the law. I will never risk my reputation, everything I have worked for in this country, to defend a murderer,” he told Power FM.

Meanwhile, Chicco has reportedly sent numerous messages to Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, urging him to arrest all those who were with Senzo when died, including Kelly, her sister Zandie – who was reportedly dating his son at the time – and his son.

“Minister, since you are ignoring me, I will come to camp outside your house until you arrest my son, Kelly Khumalo, and all the people who were present when Senzo was killed. You cannot have six people at the scene of a murder and no one knows who pulled the trigger,” the City Press quoted him as writing in one of the messages.

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