Minnie and Bonang’s beef over the years

Minnie Dlamini and Bonang Matheba. Pictures: Instagram

Minnie Dlamini and Bonang Matheba. Pictures: Instagram

Do Bonang and Minnie really hate each other?

Minnie Dlamini and Bonang Matheba have been plagued by rumours for years that they are feuding.

The TV personalities are often compared to each other, and they reportedly compete for the same endorsement deals and industry positions.

Minnie and Bonang have both denied that are beefing, but their behaviour might suggest otherwise.

Bonang was accused of stealing Minnie’s spotlight in July when she changed the date of her 30th birthday party to the day of her alleged nemesis’ umembeso.

Here’s a look at the alleged beef between the two stars, and how it all started,

The beginning 

Bonang and Minnie’s feud reportedly began when they both worked as presenters on SABC 1’s music show, LIVE (now Live AMP). Minnie won the show’s presenter search, and made her debut in 2010.

Everyone was curious about the Durban beauty, who held her own on the same show as Queen B. Then rumours started to swirl that Bonang was not impressed with all the attention the new kid on the block was getting. But Queen B has always maintained that was not the case.


Bonang and Minnie cool?

Bonang told Drum magazine in 2015 that she was not competing with Minnie, and had no beef with the ‘It Girl’. “I have no idea where the perceived beef rumours started. Minnie and I are cool. We’re friends,” she told the publication.

Not friends

Despite their denials, rumours of a feud persisted, and Minnie tried to set the record straight in an interview with Grazia magazine in 2015.

“I want people to know that I don’t like talking about other personalities in the industry. That being said, Bonang and I are one hundred percent not friends. However, we’re not enemies either and I respect her as a colleague,” she told the magazine.


Did Bonang sabotage Minnie’s wedding day?

Bonang was accused of trying to steal Minnie’s shine when she threw her 30th birthday bash on the same day as Minnie’s traditional wedding.

However B maintained that this was not the case, and merely a coincidence.

“I have been in the industry for 13 years. It is water off a duck’s back. I am not worried about what people say. They will always talk about me because of who I am. As one of the biggest personalities in the country, if I throw a party, people care,” she told Tshisa Live.


Don’t follow her

A few months after Bonang was accused of stealing Minnie Dlamini’s traditional wedding spotlight, Minnie threw some major shade at the TV personality. When Jacaranda FM DJ Martin Bester asked her if she insta-stalked Bonang, she answered with a very firm no. “I don’t even follow her,” she admitted.


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