Nasty C denies having sex with an underage girl

Nasty C. Photo: Facebook

He was the talk of the Twitterverse this week after he was accused of having sex with an underage girl.

The 15-year-old allegedly claimed in a social media thread that the rapper had had sex with her, and then blocked her on social media.

The story quickly became a talking point on Facebook on Twitter, with many noting that if Nasty C did in fact sleep with her it would have been rape as she was underage.

But many of his fans did not believe the girl’s story, and outright accused her of lying.

Some went so far as to stalk her social media page, and claimed they found evidence that she is obsessed with the rapper.

Nasty C did not address the claims at first, but the story became too big to ignore.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday to set the record straight

The rapper says not only did he not have sex with the girl, but he has also never met her.

“Ok.. to be serious.. that story is a lie.. I’ve never even met that girl. Word to God. On my living sisters (sic),” he tweeted.

The 20-year-old explained why he decided to address the “lies”.

“Just thought I’d clear the record before her cry for hype spins out of control.”

When a follower asked him if he hates her for starting such a serious rumour, he replied that he did not

“It’s just sad that she didn’t think about how this could end up ruining my reputation. But it’s been clear people know it’s [Pinocchio emoji],” he tweeted.

The girl has since deleted her Facebook page, and made her Twitter account private.

Nasty C also denied that he blocked her, adding that he doesn’t know her social media handles.

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