WATCH: Trevor Noah shows off his rapping skills

Trevor Noah. File picture: Michel Bega

Trevor Noah. File picture: Michel Bega

Trevor Noah teamed up with Shakira and impressed fans with their rap skills.

Shakira and our very own Trevor Noah were recently featured in Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke: The Series. In the “most international” episode yet, the pair drove around Barcelona and even took the time to meet a few fans.

Trevor showed a side to him people have never seen before and showscases a secret talent: he has some mad rap skills.

Only Apple Music subscribers have full and exclusive access to the episode, but The Late Late Show With James Corden shared a 2-minute clip of the duo singing and rapping.

In the video, Shakira reveals that she likes to rock out. “I became a pop singer, but I grew up listening to hard core rock music,” she says before belting out The Cranberries’ hit-song Zombie with Trevor.

The award-winning comedian took the wheel and started rapping to Wu-Tang Clan’s Killer Bees. According to Noah, that was one of the greatest moments of his life. “I will store it in my memories, rapping Wu-Tang with Shakira.”

Watch Trevor Noah and Shakira sing their heart below:

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