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Black Coffee slaps down his wife’s wedding dress haters

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo. Picture: Twitter

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo. Picture: Twitter

They thought they could troll the actor for her budget-wise choice, not knowing she had an army to back her up.

The inaugural DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards took place at the Sandton International Convention Centre on Saturday and saw celebs battling it out on the red carpet.

Among the winners was Black Coffee, who scooped the Favourite DJ award, though he could not make it to the event as he is in Scotland on tour. His wife, Enhle Mbali, accepted the award on his behalf.

She was wearing the same white dress she wore at her wedding, and the haters noticed and criticised her, but but they are probably regretting doing it now.

Enhle posted a picture of herself at the awards and wrote: “Wore it again.”

A whole Twitter army, including her husband, came to her defence, saying she should wear the lovely dress again if she chose to.

“People are touched because you wore the same dress twice when you can afford another. Thank you for always always being you @enhlembali,” Black Coffee told his wife.

However, there was one hater who had the guts to respond to Black Coffee’s tweet, writing “coughs”, to show he was not buying the DJ’s words of encouragement to his wife.

But Coffee didn’t take that lying down.

“Don’t forget to close your mouth,” he told the hater.

Those who also came to her defence said it was weird for people to hate on Enhle Mbali for this.

They admired her for not living according to other people’s standards of what people with money should do. In fact, there were people who were in debt because they were too busy trying to impress others, they argued.

Black Coffee weighed in on the money issue, saying: “‘I can’t afford’ is one of the few liberating sentences we need to live by.”






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