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WATCH: Kenny Kunene takes son’s pram to car wash



This is not a pram wash, but a car wash, says one of the workers as they wash little Remo’s pram.

Sushi king and businessman Kenny Kunene recently took his car to a car wash in Wynberg, and also took the chance to have his son’s pram washed.

In a video that was posted on his son’s Instagram page, the workers doing the washing can be heard saying: “This is not a pram wash, it’s a car wash.”

The caption on the video reads: “Earlier at Lotha’s car wash in Wynberg. My Dad went to wash his car and also washed mine after a trip to a dusty Farmers Market in Fourways.”

Watch the video below:

Kenny Kunene has been stunting on us since the birth of his son, Remo Mokgethwa. He recently pulled a ‘DJ Khaled’ on his son and posted a video of him talking to the infant.

He tells his son how great he already is and that he is intelligent, clever and blessed.

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