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PICS: Inside DJ Zinhle’s new house

DJ Zinhle.

DJ Zinhle.

The double-storey house has been two years in the making, with the DJ sharing she built it especially for her daughter.

DJ Zinhle’s house is nearly complete, and she is almost ready to move in.

On Instagram, she posted an image of the spacious house. Zinhle moved out of her Bryanston apartment a few weeks ago and moved in with her BFF, Pearl Thusi, while her house was being prepared for her to settle in.

Earlier this year, Zinhle auctioned off her furniture in preparation of the move into her new home.

“This is crazy but… why not. I’ll be moving to a new home soon. Yay! I wont be taking any of the items from where I live now into the new home so I’ll be auctioning them here,” she said.


zinhle-house-1 zinhle-house-2 zinhle-house-3

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