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Exclusive Books ‘recalls’ Bonang’s book, says customers can get refund

Bonang Book

Bonang Book

Riddled with errors, Bonang’s memoir has now been recalled as the publisher sets out to republish it.

From A to B, the biography of South African media darling Bonang Matheba, has now been recalled by Exclusive Books.

The bookstore chain sent out a tweet today stating it would offer refunds to customers who bought the book. This is because the publishers, Blackbird, want to republish the book with correct grammar, spelling and without factual errors, such as Bonang’s birth date.

The book has been trending on social media since it was released a week ago.

Readers were quick to spot embarrassing errors such as missing words, incorrect grammar and the wrong birth date for Bonang. Readers took to Twitter to highlight these, with Bonang finally responding that she took the flak for the errors on behalf of all black women who seek excellence, but sometimes fell short.

The publisher stated there were only two pages with major errors, and the rest of the book was fine.

“I take full responsibility for what happened. The last thing I want is for black people to be accused of mediocrity and I should do better. It’s on me as the publisher. I ought to have done better,” Thabiso Mahlape of Blackbird told Tshisa LIVE.

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