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Pearl Thusi has deleted all pics of her and Robert off social media

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

The star couple is going through a very public breakup despite not wanting to speak about their romance at first.

For years, Robert and Pearl tried to fool the public into thinking that they were not dating and were very good friends.

They would tweet each other, flirt openly on social media and at one point started posting cosy and very romantic snaps together. Then came the ring that Pearl first flaunted at the Metro FM Awards last year.

She told Minnie Dlamini that someone special felt she needed to wear some special jewellery.

Reports soon followed of Pearl’s family not being happy with him, as he had apparently flouted traditional rules of engagement by not starting lobola negotiations first. Usually in traditional culture, women can only wear an engagement ring once lobola negotiations have begun or are at the final stage.

Despite this, the couple put up a united front and continued dating, with Pearl throwing a surprise party for her beau and Robert suprising her with flight tickets back home from New York.

Since Robert announced their split on Twitter on Sunday night, Pearl hasn’t said anything, save to delete all their snaps together off her social media account.

On why he announced the breakup, Robert said he wanted to protect both families from false stories.

“I never talk about my private life, but I decided to confirm it to protect both sets of families. If you don’t own your space, people can twist things and write things that are not true,” he said.

This is why Robert went public about his breakup with Pearl

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