Ntsiki Mazwai ‘still loves the EFF’, but continues to question Malema

Ntsiki Mazwai and Julius Malema.

The poet says she is suspicious that ‘white media’ likes the EFF leader too much.

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has continued to criticise EFF leader Julius Malema following their Twitter war on Sunday night.

Her most recent tweets suggest that she feels suspicious towards him because white people supposedly celebrate him now.

The EFF is celebrating its fourth birthday in Durban today, but its leader is still not getting any love from Mazwai, who has criticised female leaders in the party for allegedly fighting Malema’s fight against her on his behalf.

She compared him unfavourably with BLF leader Andile Mngxitama, who she said was being hated by “white media”.

“Thing is….this Andile Hate seems dodgy when all the white media hate him….it speaks volumes to me.”

On Sunday, Malema called Mazwai a “failed poet”, among other things, and she responded by saying he was worse than President Jacob Zuma.

Malema also told her that at least he was good at what he does, politics, unlike her and her poetry.

Mazwai clearly touched a nerve with Malema on Sunday when she said it was clear to her he was not a black consciousness adherent and that the EFF had created too much of a cult of personality around him.

In the continuing saga, she tweeted on Saturday that “I will never fight other women over a man…..never. I will walk away from that fight. I will fight the man on my own terms….”





She also wanted to know why the “white media” seems to “love” Malema while “hating” BLF leader Andile Mngxitama.

When one user told her to stop obsessing over the EFF, she responded by saying, “Eff turns 4 today…of course the burning issues are gonna come to the fore. Engage or ignore, your choice love.”

She claimed that she still loved the EFF, but, “If god forbid anything ever happened to cic [Malema] we must know we have a game plan. Eff cannot be focused on an individual. Think ahead.”

She also wrote: “I have always questioned all leadership in SA . Nothing personal. I love eff.”

Mazwai seems to feel that white people “applaud” Malema. When she asked why, some of her followers suggested it was due to him being anti-Zuma, while others said it was because he had softened his stance on white people and radical politics in general.

“As a black person…once white people start applauding you….I get nervous,” wrote Mazwai.

“If you’re pro black….why are the white people giving you a standing ovation????”

When she was challenged on what appeared to be her support for Mngxitama, she said she was “still trying to understand the BLF” but that “Andile’s thinkinking [sic] could not have disappeared overnight” despite him appearing to work for the Gupta family.

“Andile is not stupid….” she wrote.

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