Theron said on Tuesday that she found Hemsworth’s view “sweet … but also, I think Daniel Craig is doing it so I want to wish him well, and I absolutely love him as Bond”.

Despite all the speculation around who may be the next Bond, it was announced this week that Craig will stick around as the man with a licence to kill until at least 2019.

Hofmeyr, however, was most unimpressed with the Theron suggestion and made it clear he saw it as a manifestation of liberal politics run amok.

Writing in Afrikaans, he said: “Chris Hemsworth says it’s time that a woman portrays the James Bod character. Really. Then I can, or Charlize Theron rather, play Shaka Zulu, Casper de Vries can be Wonder Woman and Oprah can play Mother Theresa (sic).”

He went on to speculate that perhaps all sporting codes should become “gender friendly”, which, in his view would mean women would no longer win any medals.

“Solved. It’s because of this foolishness that we know that the Left is NOT AT ALL progressive.”