Bonang: Your negativity made me work harder, now I’m a millionaire

Bonang and AKA.

Her comments have left many wondering if her boyfriend was the one tweeting.

Presenter and model Bonang Matheba recently took to Twitter to share a few words with her haters.

Queen B is set to be the first South African celebrity to have her own emojis. She announced on Tuesday the Bmojis would be launched next month, along with her book and reality TV show, Being Bonang.

As usual, there were those who had negative comments about her next move, but this time, Bonang addressed the haters right away. In a series of tweets, Bonang said she used the hate she got from people as “steam to power my dreams”.

“So, thank you. For the hate, the ugly names, the resistance, the jealousy, the negativity. Made me work harder, and now, I’m a millionaire,” she said.

She further told her followers she needed another 17 years to become a billionaire.

“Trust me, I wrote it down. I just need to work hard.

“Basically…. I’m 30 and killing it. The thirties come with a whole lot of confidence, why you didn’t tell me boo? I love u forever,” she told one of her followers.

Some, however, do not believe Bonang wrote the tweets herself, as “they have that arrogance of AKA”, while others have argued it was not her haters but supporters who made her a millionaire.

“How is being a millionaire life’s utopia? Hard work should be celebrated and indeed encouraged…but hanging out your financial position? Nah,” added another.

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