Rapper divides Twitter for saying he’s never ‘experienced racism’

Nasty C was interviewed in New York this week ahead of the BET Awards.

Award-winning rapper David Junior Ngcobo, better known by his stage name Nasty C, has been on the Twitter trends list for dividing opinion with his comment that he has never personally experienced racism in South Africa.

The young rapper was speaking in an interview with Sway In the Morning, a US radio show, in which he also got people talking after a freestyle rap performance on Thursday. Nasty C is in America for the BET Awards and was invited to Sway’s studios in New York for an interview and freestyle session.

Nasty C’s freestyle rap left Sway almost lost for words and Sway ended up on his feet screaming along with some of his favourite lines from the freestyle.

Take a look at a clip of the freestyle, with another video of the complete interview below:

It wasn’t just his rap virtuosity that caught people’s attention, though, but a comment from Nasty C that he’s never experienced racism in South Africa.

Have a look at some of the reactions to this below:




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