Twitter user tells Euphonik: You bought a big house but Bonang still left you

DJ Euphonik. Image via Instagram.

DJ Euphonik. Image via Instagram.

Euphonik has left Twitter fuming after a comment some say is ‘rude’ and ‘unnecessary’.

DJ Euphonik was on Sunday night referred to verse 7 of his own commandments after a comment that left most on Twitter wondering why he even bothered.

Vusimuzi Xaba shared a picture of a woman in bed, presumably his lover, with breakfast on the one side of the bread and wrote: “Fellas this is how you wake her up on a Sunday morning. Blessed day y’all!”

The picture received a lot of comments with some women sharing how they prefer to be woken up. DJ Euphonik shared his own thoughts on the picture and just ruined the moment for everyone.

“Just buy a bigger house so she doesn’t have to sleep against the wall or fall on ur ornaments if she rolls over, otherwise well done chap,” he said.

Xaba responded and told Euphonik he would buy the house when he could afford it.

“For now I’ll stay in my lane,” he added.

Euphonik did not stop there; he went on to talk about the “reality” of how romantic guys constantly lost to blessers, saying it was worse for those who even “advertised” their “situation”.

However, one user, who was not impressed with Euphonik, told him the picture had nothing to do with a bigger house. They said it was about a man spoiling his woman, bringing his ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba into it.

“You bought a big house and Bonang still left you, but that’s none of my business,” the user said.

These were some of the reactions:

“This comment was not necessary, Why look down on other people before commending them? Effort prevails in this case man.”

“If you’re unhappy with yourself try fixing what’s broken instead of breaking others.”

“You couldn’t just compliment without the shade? Pretty sure if someone said this to you you’d be suing.”

“Thats petty & childish to say the least.”
“Bonang o areng! don’t you think you’re the last person to give people advices about women? Iyooh.”
“The bigger house does not define Vusimuzi but what he has done for his lady it defines the way he is as a person that he’s full of love.”
“How do u know that his not saving money to buy one ? That was so unnecessary and it’s not funny at all. Stop looking down on others bhuti.”




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