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How the Bible inspired Khanyi Mbau to do cosmetic surgery

Khanyi Mbau.

Khanyi Mbau.

She reckons there’s no reason she can’t see herself as a ‘god’. But the good news is you are a god too.

Singer, radio presenter and actor Khanyi Mbau has again answered questions on her cosmetic surgery in a recent interview with Anele Mdoda.

Speaking to Mdoda, she said people needed to be comfortable in their own skin, with Mdoda asking what that meant to her as a person who had done several surgeries to alter her looks.

Being born to a Christian family, Mbau used the Bible to explain where she got the inspiration to alter her looks.

She said: “The Bible says I am who I am, through Christ who strengthens me. If God is your father, it means you’re a god because God gives birth to a god. So if you’re my father, why can I not be a god and the Lord says we’re all gods among each other. What does a god do? A god creates because my father created this earth through His image.

“I can create my own version, my own earth, through my own vision, as long as it does not affect the next person, but it is my journey. So in my mind, the image and how I see myself is what I’m creating in the physical because everything first happens in the spiritual before it happens in the physical.

“So how I see myself is the most beautiful woman – flawless, filtered every single day of my life. And that is the problem, once we start seeing ourselves as creators of our time, we will reach our goal because you’re not looking at someone for inspiration, you’re remembering who you are through the God that created you.”

Though some may feel she has done enough surgery, Mbau says she is doing her own thing, and even though some may think she looks perfect now, in 10 years’ time she might decide to do more “alterations”.

Last month, Mbau posted a picture of herself on Instagram that earned her a backlash from people who said she looked too “pink”. Mbau defended herself and said the picture was overfiltered, but she did share her ideas on the benefits of skin lightening.

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