SAA eats humble pie, apologises to Bonang for cheeky reply

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram.

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram.

SAA apologised for its response to Matheba’s earlier complaint about the meals offered by the airline.

South African Airways was forced to eat some humble pie when it issued an apology to TV personality Bonang Matheba for an earlier response to her complaint about the airline’s food.

Matheba on Wednesday sent a tweet to SAA, complaining about some of the meals offered during a flight.

“We don’t like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also the funny cheese platter what what. Please,” she tweeted SAA.

Instead of a standard response, SAA hit back at Matheba, saying she was the only one complaining about the food served.

“Hi, please note that other passengers enjoyed the meals,” it said.

This cheeky reply did not sit well with Matheba, who clapped back, saying the airline should’ve rather apologised for the misshap before calling it a “trash airline”.

Once tempers had cooled it seemed, the airline issued an apology to the starlet, saying “our Queen B, we at SAA love you. About our previous response, we are so sorry”.

Of course, this apology did not sit well some Tweeps, who felt that SAA should not have apologised, as the first response was the best one.


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