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WATCH: Mall guards follow Bonang around for ‘security reasons’



While some of us have to go and ask for one guard to help us, Bonang had six at her disposal.

Bonang ‘Queen B’ Matheba posted a hilarious video on Twitter of six mall guards following her around for ‘security’ reasons. In the video, Bonang says: “This is so ridiculous, I need you guys to see this. Apparently, I need six … I don’t need all that security. For what?”

Watch the video below:

Most of her followers commented and said she needed to be protected as a “valuable person”. It seems it’s not only her boyfriend, Kiernan, who thinks she must be protected at all costs, even from the negative comments about her on Twitter.

Though she appreciates Kiernan’s protection, she said the security at the mall was “ridiculous”.

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