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‘The king is back’ yamasimba, says AKA on Cassper

AKA’s 'One Time' music video launch. Picture: Supplied

AKA’s 'One Time' music video launch. Picture: Supplied

It seems things are back to normal for the two rappers, who have been throwing jabs at each other.

AKA’s The World Is Yours has taken back its number one spot on iTunes, and he has made sure Cassper Nyovest and his fans know it. In a series of tweets, the Supa Mega shared screenshots of the iTunes page showing Cassper’s Tito Mboweni at number three and said he did not know that returning to his number one spot would be so easy.

“Well well well …. when I said, ‘always knew I’d be on top again’ … I didn’t think it would be so easy.”

After dropping Tito Mboweni, which went straight to the top spot 20 minutes after its release, Cassper started tweeting about how great his song was. He also said he did not pull any PR stunt to get people’s attention, throwing shots at AKA, who did with Caiphus Song.

The Cassper and AKA camps then went at each other, debating on whose music was better.

Cassper kept telling his fans the king was back. However, AKA says there is no such.


AKA has slammed Cassper for the comments he made when he released Caiphus Song.

He said before Cassper made those comments, he, along with many of us, thought the two had kissed and made up.

“Then there was the no PR stunt jab I thought we were cool, but you know what ….. We just gonna focus on winning over here again.”

He further told his fans that being number one on iTunes did not determine whose music was better, adding he was just happy people were “enjoying the vibes whether I’m at #1(which I am ) or whether I’m at #10”.

“The World Is Yours dropped in December. It’s March. Proof that people will reward you if you take time to respect them with great music.”

He also used the opportunity to tell fans he would be dropping two albums, with the first one coming “real soon”.

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