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Letoya Makhene’s ‘witchcraft the reason’ for Mabala Noise drama

Picture: Instagram.

Picture: Instagram.

She hit back at the accusations, calling Riky Rick’s fan stupid.

Following rapper Riky Rick’s announcement that he is leaving Mabala Noise, his fans have been looking for someone to point fingers at for the drama at the record label. While some, such as EFF leader Julius Malema and UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, blamed the label’s boss, Reggie Nkabinde, one Twitter user took a bold step and blamed it on actor and sangoma Letoya Makhene.

“Letoya Makhene is part of Mabala Noise. Her witchcraft is the reason this company will never see the end of day! All the best Riky Rick,” they wrote.

Makhene could not believe what the user said to her. “Yoh Riky Rick…your fans mara. Bo dom bo bo kana??? Anyway, my brother…love to you and your beautiful fam,” she told the fan.

He banna! Ke di kena kae? #RollsEyes #BitchesGonnaTalk #Ngizokuphahlela 🖕🏽

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“Sending you, Bianca and the kids my warmest love @rikyrickworld. Can’t say that I won’t miss you-but I’m always happy for anyone who has the heart to bravely be on the path that God has set out for them,” she told Riky.

Makhene further told her followers that nothing they said would change how she felt about her gift. “Deal with it,” she said.

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