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Riky Rick leaves Mabala Noise, accuses them of taking back gifts

Riky Rick.

Riky Rick.

Riky has reiterated the controversial speech he made at the Metros.

Rapper Riky Rick has announced he is no longer part of the record label, Mabala Noise.

In a series of tweets, the Sidlukotini rapper said the past couple of weeks had been “hectic”, further saying the speech he made at the Metro FM Awards two weeks back was “a moment of clarity” for him.

“I didn’t think about the consequences or who would get mad. I just wanted to do the right thing. Inspire the kids to not be slaves to them,” he said.


He further alleged Mabala Noise took back the material things they had given him and had threatened him and his family’s future. “They want us gone,” he said.

He said the record label would try to make his decision a political matter when, in fact, he was just “woke”.

Riky has reiterated the speech he made at the Metros, urging upcoming musicians to not follow in his footsteps and pave their own way.


Riky Rick’s ranted during his acceptance speech, calling the music that was being played on radio “crap”. He further said he was not happy about his award because there were artists who had no money and submitted their music to radio stations, but were not getting airplay.

His mic was cut off before he could continue with his rant, but later he said to Khanyi Mbau and Somizi: “Stop playing with the people; the people are not stupid.”

He further said he would not continue with what he wanted to say because people did not like to hear the truth.

His speech, however, left many wondering if he was talking about his record label that has been in the news for the wrong reasons. They say he should hold a press conference and “expose” those who did not want him to be heard.

Even Ndlozi questioned Riky Rick’s speech.

“So in short Riky Rick is saying he got the award because Mabala Noise’s money gave to him,” he said on Twitter.

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