‘I’m black really?’ asks Sarah Langa

Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram.

The model was not impressed with being categorised as a black person, despite apparently having done that herself in the past.

Model Sarah Langa-Mackay has just gone on a Twitter rant about her problem with being racially categorised by people “who know nothing” about her. What started off as a conversation about her dislike for the word ‘slaying’ somehow turned into a racial debate that landed her on the trends list on Wednesday morning.

The model told her followers she hated the ‘slaying’ concept, saying it made people believe they had to be better than everyone else, even if it meant bringing people down “to feel worthy”.

“Who are you slaying against? Life is not a competition, don’t value yourself against others. Your value should be limitless, not determined by slaying,” she said. This despite her use of the word last month while showing off her choker necklace, argues Twitter.

While some slammed her for “thinking she’s better” and being a “hypocrite”, one of her followers commented: “This might be one of the hetero-whitest things I’ve ever read.”

The comment left Langa-Mackay upset, saying the follower had absolutely no right to categorise her as a black person when they knew nothing about her.

“I’m black really?” she asked.

“I don’t know where people get the right to be labelling other people black, white or coloured. It’s none of your business boo! And anyway who cares?”

What she was arguing, according to her, was that there was no category for “us”, and she just could not allow people who knew nothing about her race tell her who she was.

She further challenged the “smart” people to tell her what race she was … “or should I host a meet and greet so that you can all stick pencils in my hair?”

Twitter, however, challenged her argument, saying she just had a problem with black people. They dug up her alleged old tweets about black people and asked when she started having a problem with “being black”.

There is an old tweet complaining about her mom who walks into a shop with a trolley to buy one item. “I don’t understand why black people do that *angry*,” it reads.



In another one, she allegedly wrote: “Why do us black people like posing next to: tress, cars, poles, statues, escalators, designer stores. Why can’t it just be us in the photo?”






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