Fellow gospel singer says his dad could have saved Lundi

Lundi Tyamara.

Sechaba Pali reportedly believes Lundi started to recover while in the care of his family, but a ‘mystery woman’ took him away.

According to a report in tabloid Sunday World that provides some insight into the final days of gospel star Lundi Tyamara’s life, there was a “kidnapping drama” playing out around him while he was in a sickly state.

The tabloid has already reported on how Lundi had allegedly lost most of his money and was evicted by his landlord while on his deathbed.

It has now emerged that “mystery woman” Thobeka Sogwagwa had been looking after Lundi and “allegedly spent days and nights at his bedside in Edenvale Hospital until his death”.

She declined to comment on the story, which alleges that Sogwagwa took a very frail and sickly Lundi to Sechaba’s Katlehong home in December after the singer said his father wanted to pray for him.

According to Sechaba, Sogwagwa carried Lundi “with her hands” and told them he was not eating or drinking. However, when Sechaba gave Lundi some porridge and water “he finished them so quickly and even asked for some more”.

The woman reportedly refused to leave Lundi overnight, but Sechaba insisted. She left, “calling me names” and was returned a few hours later with the police. She allegedly claimed Lundi was being kidnapped.

Faced with the threat of arrest, Sechaba allowed the woman to carry Lundi back to her car and return to Edenvale.

He lamented to Sunday World that his father had not been given the chance to pray more for Lundi.

“Lundi could probably be alive today.

His father, Johannes, is quoted as saying: “I prayed for him and he started eating and drinking water, something she told us he was not doing before they came.”




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