Connie on marriage with Shona: We love each other as friends

Picture: Instagram.

Picture: Instagram.

The couple has been married for over 15 years but somehow makes it work in their marriage and workplace. Here’s how.

Connie and Shona Ferguson have a love story that has left some of us believing couples can work together successfully. The couple has shared a few pointers on how they make it work at home and the workplace. In videos shared by Khanyi Dhlomo, Connie says though some might find working with their partner impossible, she finds it easier because she loves her husband as a friend.

“For us it’s very simple, we love each other as friends. I mean this dude here is like my best friend, when I say my best friend, I mean, forget the love, forget the marriage. I mean, I can love Shona about everything and anything.”

It’s all about having a soul connection, she says. The connection was what attracted her to him, though Shona says it was love at first sight. Watch the video below:

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For Shona, it’s all about respect, trust and wanting the best for the other person. Watch his video below:

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The couple made headlines last year after Shona bought his wife an AMG63s, leaving some of us wishing we had a love like theirs.

“So I just got home and found this parked in my garage! OMG I really have no words Shona Ferguson! I am one very lucky wife! Thank you for just… YOU,” Connie shared on Instagram.

The couple have now been married for 15 years. We wish them more marital bliss.




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