L-Tido mocked heavily for proclaiming what makes ‘a hoe’

Rapper L-Tido. Gallo Images.

Rapper L-Tido. Gallo Images.

The rapper thinks if you have slept with more than one person this year, you’re ‘a hoe’.

Rapper Thato Madonsela, popularly known as L-Tido, recently shared an opinion on the acceptable number of sexual partners one should have slept with so far this year, and the backlash has been strong.

Taking to Twitter, L-Tido told his followers that if they had already slept with more than one person this year, they were a “hoe”.

Most fans hit back, saying he did not have the right to comment on people’s sexual lives, further commenting on his music, which they said was not impressive.

“If you’re a rapper and don’t have a new jam in 2017, you’re whack,” said one. Another told him that his music took the mannequin challenge to the next level, and “you have no business in discussing time period”.

Perhaps the best comment from this mess was by user Vuyolwethu Buda, who made L-Tido aware it was possible to have slept with more than one partner, rightfully so.

He asked if President Jacob Zuma, having four wives, deserved to be called such.




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